Chip Hanauer

Ward Buringrud
Steve Compton
Jon Courtright
George Deering
Monty Holmes
Ike Kielgass — In Honor of Danny Foster
Rick Lentz
Eric Mann
Don Mock
Ken Muscatel
Bob Senior
Doug Southern
David Williams

Nick Arena — In Honor of Tony Arena
Steve Bartlett
Todd Boyle
George "Buddy" Byers
Mike Bontoft
Don Bourdage
Neil & Nici Boyle
Robert Brackett
Ronald Burden — In Honor of Chuck “Rookie” Woodruff
Timothy Burr
Marc Connelly
Matthew Devine
John Eisen
Mack Elliott
Chuck Fowler
Dale Fugier
Jeff Garfield
James Grams
Richard Grandy
Gary Hansen
Hayden Harris
Dave Heerensperger
Joe Heerensperger
Richard Herrmann — In Honor of Bob Montoya & JHydro
Max Hess
Dave Hill
Jim Iverson
Paul Jablonski
David John
Mike & Lori Jones
Norval Kane
Ty Karney
Brent Kellogg
John Kelly
Phil Lampman
Harvey Liberman
Ted McColl
Daniel McMahon
Joe Mendelson
Jim Mesick
Mike Mesick
Randy Mueller (in honor of Gus)
Edward Muncey
Ralph Niedzwiecki
Vey Nordquist
Alan Painter
Steve Payne
Corky Petersen
Richard Radford
Catherine Reiss
Michael Reitman
Jeff Robbins
Thomas Ross
Steve Ruedy
Gary Santos — In Honor of EDW V. Santos
James Schaffer
Dave Solle
Fred Stock
George Strausser
Ken & Denise Strong
Greg Swanson
Tim Unger
Alan Vordermeier
Shari Wilson
Steven Wilson
David Wing
Wayne Woulf — In Honor of Helen Woulf

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